Yancy Medeiros UFC 172

These past few days we've been filming UFC fighter Yancy Medeiros' UFC 172 camp leading up to his fight versus Joe Ellenberger at UFC 172 on April 26th. We wanted to highlight what it is truly like behind the scenes and the hard work and dedication needed to become successful in one of the most competitive sports. Stay tuned for more details and scheduled release date, but for now, check out the shots we got yesterday.
Yancy Medeiros Back Yard
Yancy Medeiros' backyard, getting ready before our road work.
Yancy Medeiros Road Work
Starting off the road work, only the strong survive.
Yancy Medeiros Running the Rocks
Yancy and Maki Pitolo working their footwork running on the rocks at Ka'ena Point.
Maki Pitolo sprinting sand dunes
Maki Pitolo sprinting up the sand dunes.
Yancy Medeiros Ka'ena Point
The boys shadow boxing at the point in between their sprinting sets.
Stay tuned for more details on the short film's release date! We should be finishing up shooting next week before Yancy heads to California to finish his camp with the Diaz brothers before he faces off against Joe Ellenberger April 26th 2014 at UFC 172. -Aloha

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