Yancy Medeiros Jab Kick

Yancy Medeiros will be facing Justin Edwards at #UFC177 on August 30th at the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento, California. Coming off a loss to Jim Miller, Yancy is determined to put on a show and come out with the victory. We caught up to Yancy at Gracie Technics in Honolulu, Hawaii right after his sparring day to get him to demonstrate his jab kick on video (below). Yancy Medeiros Jab Kick His jab kick comes from his Karate and Kickboxing background and is slightly different than a traditional Thai Teep Kick. Instead of using your hip to push your target away, the jab kick is a range attack that snaps the intestines of your opponent up. To land effectively, you must bring your knee up first, then snap the kick out, landing with the ball of your foot. This blow is especially punishing to the body since it is deceptively hard to see coming and very quick. yancy2 Setting up the kick is key to landing the strike effectively. To set up the attack you want to be on the outside of your opponent's range, then throw a short straight combo that keeps your opponent at the end of your strikes. Yancy likes to throw a left-right punch combo to find his range then throws the jab kick.  Make sure to emphasis a quick snapping motion landing the blow with the ball of your foot to your opponent's midsection.

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