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Simpson Go, or just ‘Sim’, of Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu had a seminar yesterday at Todd Tanaka’s Team HK academy across the street from Puck’s Alley. We were lucky enough to get to go spend some time on the mat with Sim. Sim Go is a multiple time Grappler’s Quest Champion that rapidly became a big name in the Las Vegas grappling circuit. In November of 2006, Sim Go received his black belt from Marc Laimon and is currently the head instructor at Cobra Kai in Las Vegas.

Being a Super Featherweight (141 pounds), Sim Go is widely regarded as having a keen eye for detail, maximizing leverage to strangle much larger opponents. At the seminar Sim Go focused on a few series of techniques centered around beating a stronger opponent. Two positions he preaches to do the dirty work from: the back, and surprisingly - armbars.

He demonstrated a series of chokes from the back using the arm trap made famous by BJ Penn, essentially leaving your opponent defenseless. Then he transitioned to a few armbar breaks that he learned from fellow grappling phenom Ryan Hall. These armbar positions neutralized the stacking position. If anyone grapples, they know that once an opponent is able to stack you, it becomes a 100x harder to finish. What Sam Go taught was how to prevent the stack and if that fails, how to counter the stack. Finally we ended in the crucifix position with a clever armbar series.

If you ever have the opportunity to train with Sim Go, I highly recommend it. His accomplishments speak for itself and his ability to teach was second to none.

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  • Rod Isa

    Super good seminar. Learned a lot from Sim and would definitely go to another. We stopped by his gym in Las Vegas as well. It had a great vibe and really good grapplers.

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