Doing Your Best

John Kavanagh, trainer of Conor McGregor, shared his philosophy of giving his 100% effort to everything he does in this video. He doesn't project a year from now, or 5 years for now. He always thinks of today, this moment. Today he taught a class on takedowns and gave it 100% effort to make it the best class he could teach on takedowns. No matter what he does, he tries to give it his everything, to do it his best. To actually give a shit in everything you do. When you look moment by moment, year by year takes care of itself.

I try to follow a similar principle here. We may not be perfect or the absolute best, but if we give a 100% effort then we are constantly improving, striving, to one day become the absolute best. But somehow focusing on that simple principle of giving a shit, things end up falling in place. My only regrets in life were instances I did not give a 100%, instances where I thought I could do better. If I gave it my all, then somehow things have a way of working itself out.

/rant for today

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