What is a Supplement Proprietary Blend and Why You Should Stay Away

Proprietary BlendsWhen it comes to supplementation, some companies are better than others at being transparent with their nutritional options. 

Now, the reason we bring up the subject is because you’ve probably seen “proprietary blend” or something similar stamped somewhere on the nutritional label of a protein powder, weight loss product, or any type of nutritional supplement for that matter and you may have wondered why many products you’ve considered or even used are marketed as such...

Well, one reason is that they can...and another reason is many supplement companies can get away with being dishonest regarding the amount of included ingredients (see how this starts to get a little sketchy?).

Let’s discuss a little further...


To put it simply, a proprietary blend is a combination of different ingredients included in a nutritional supplement. Many products use different terms for this blend like formula, matrix, etc. and sometimes companies will make a claim that this proprietary blend is effective for helping you achieve a specific fitness goal (muscle gain, fat loss, etc).

Manufacturers list the ingredients contained in each product on the label. But, this is never a guarantee, and oftentimes, the ratio of ingredients are nothing like you’d expect...


We choose to avoid proprietary blends so that our customers know what they're putting into their bodies. In rare cases where we just can't fit each individual ingredient amount, we have it listed on the product pages. Consumers appreciate transparency and honesty, which is why avoid proprietary blends and only bring in the cleanest supplements we can get our hands on. 

Marketing a product as a “proprietary blend” can often imply that a company has ingredients to hide, that ingredient levels are not adequate to the purposed function, and more often than not that companies are doing whatever is necessary and quick to get their products on the shelves and in the hands of consumers.

Now, supplement companies are required by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to list all of the ingredients contained in a product, but, if certain ingredients are considered as part of a “proprietary blend,” then the exact amounts do not have to be listed on the supplement fact list. Generally you'll see the list of ingredients with an amount in milligrams which encompasses the entire blend.

So, if a company can just list the ingredients but they don’t have to disclose the full amounts and choose not too because it’s technically acceptable, then there’s no harm in that, right?... Not exactly.


Due to a little loophole, manufacturers can load up supplements with fillers and additives while cutting down on the ingredients you think you're actually getting in the desired amounts.

For example, a weight loss product will use a large amount of filler to bulk up a product without having to invest a lot in the actual “weight loss” ingredients, which can increase prices.

This cuts production costs, which allows companies to have a higher profit by being able to use the terms proprietary blend, matix, formula, or like terms.

Where this can get dangerous is when certain stimulants are contained in a product and the full amounts are not disclosed. Now, caffeine, phenethylamines, and other ingredients should be consumed in amounts relative to each individual’s tolerance level.

And, of course, it’s each individual’s responsibility to be aware of the ingredients on a label. But it’s still dangerous for people who decide to use a supplement without prior knowledge. 

Not to mention, there’s a possibility of tainted products from companies that use proprietary blends to capitalize on their claims. 


Try to stay away from supplements that contain proprietary blends if possible. You may very well be wasting your money and whether or not the product will actually contain enough of the ingredients listed, is uncertain.

You’re better off going with companies who believe in transparency and listing ingredients with the exact amounts because consumer health and results should be the number one priority.

Our products are the purest and cleanest supplements you'll find on the market. Not only do we believe in honest products, but we also value transparency and our customers health. 

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