ATH Podcast: 2 R's in a Pod - #14 Kid Peligro

Kid Peligro is a fourth degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Royler Gracie. He was one of the original bloggers and writers that helped popularize Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & submission wrestling to the masses. He's also one of the few people that has direct access to the Gracie Family. His nickname "Kid Peligro" literally translates to "The Dangerous Kid" which was meant as a joke since he was always one of the smallest guys in the gym. His actual name is Gerry Costa.

Here's some behind the scenes footage from the podcast at Leif's Boars Nest:

Posted up on the mats at the famed Boars Nest with Kid Peligro telling stories about the Gracie Family. The Boars Nest is a popular gym on the North Shore of Oahu where Jiu Jitsu & surf icons come to hang out and relax.

This is a picture of Yoji Anjoh after the fight with Rickson Gracie. Yoji Anjoh showed up to Rickson's gym and wanted to fight. Rickson famously told Yoji, "If we fight for money, I'll stop hitting you when you ask me to. If we fight for honor, I'll stop hitting you when I feel like it.” During the fight, Yoji gave his back numerous times to be choked but Rickson refused to let him out that easily.

Rickson after the Yoji Anjoh fight, notice the blood stains on his gi pants. Rickson has the only copy of the video from that day but has yet to release it, only showing it to close friends. Kid has seen the video from that day.

Thanks again to Kid Peligro for talking story with us on the #ATHPODCAST. If you have any comments or suggestions, leave them below and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here --> LINK.

Links: - Kid's blog

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