POST: Pro Series

Imagine not having to worry about recovering before training the next day, and instead, feeling refreshed and coming back stronger. That's why we've built our flagship product, POST. Instead of making the mistake of using Bodybuilder style shakes, POST provides you with more than just protein. Inside each scoop of POST is a well balanced nutrient profile full of electrolytes, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins & carbohydrates that rebuilds muscle tissue while refueling muscle glycogen. Look forward to stepping on the mats tomorrow with POST. Now available in single and 6 pack servings!

Improved formula with only 2g of sugar!
• rBGH & rBST Growth Hormone Free Whey & Casein
• More Electrolytes Than Leading Sports Drinks 
• Carbohydrate Blend for Muscle Glycogen, only 2g of Sugar

$ 49.95 

  • POST: Pro Series
  • POST: Pro Series
  • POST: Pro Series
  • POST: Pro Series
  • POST: Pro Series
  • POST: Pro Series

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  • POST contains a blend of fast digesting Whey Protein as well as slower digesting Casein Protein that provide your muscles with a constant supply of amino acids sourced from the highest quality rBGH & rBST growth hormone free cows.

  • After an intense training session, your glycogen levels are depleted. Restoring your carbohydrate levels helps drive nutrients to your muscles and turn your body into a muscle building anabolic state.

  • Post workout, your muscle fibers need to rebuild so that you can come back stronger. Glutamine, sourced from beef, plays an important role: improving protein synthesis, cell volume, and reducing muscle breakdown.

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Stronger. After grueling training and competitions, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Victor Silverio relies on POST to replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscle fibers so that he comes back stronger.

Stronger. After grueling training and competitions, GF Team Black Belt Victor Silverio relies on 31 Muscle Recovery to replenish glycogen stores and rebuild muscle fibers so that he comes back stronger.


    Protein functions as a crucial component of recovery by building muscle and repairing tissue damage. Each serving contains 19 grams of NON-GMO protein composed of fast digesting Whey protein and slow digesting Micellar Casein protein sourced from naturally raised rbGH/rBST growth hormone free cows. Coupled together, these proteins give your muscles a constant supply of amino acids.


    Our carbohydrate + electrolyte blend helps keep muscle glycogen and hydration at peak levels to fuel longer, harder, more demanding workouts. After exercise, our carbohydrate + electrolyte blend stops catabolic muscle breakdown and drives muscle building amino acids to your muscles to speed up recovery, refuel muscle glycogen, and replenish lost nutrients. These critical steps are keys to coming back stronger.


    Our gluten-free 31 Muscle Recovery™ is minimally processed and uses NON-GMO ingredients derived from raw foods. It is sweetened with all-natural plant-based sweeteners Lo Han Fruit Extract and Stevia. We don’t use any table sugar, artificial sweeteners nor colors. We are firm believers in procuring NON-GMO ingredients that come from both ethically and sustainable sources.


Can I use this as a meal replacement?
We recommend using our BUILD or Plant Protein as a meal replacement. The Muscle Recovery is designed for post workout.
Why does the 31 Muscle Recovery contain carbohydrates?
Post workout, you need carbohydrates to drive nutrients to your muscles and restore muscle glycogen. This is especially important if you are training twice a day.
Can I gain muscle with POST?
In order to gain muscle, we recommend using a scoop of BUILD along with POST after heavy lifting sessions.

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