Joint: Pro Series

NEW! If you're an athlete, then you know your joints take a beating. That's why we've developed our Joint Fortifying Formula to support healthy joint function. Joint combines the power of 4 natural ingredients: Organic Turmeric, Pomegranate, NON-GMO Glucosamine (non-shellfish), and MSM + Bioperine. Together, they fight inflammation, improve joint integrity, and increase joint mobility. 

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  • Joint: Pro Series
  • Joint: Pro Series

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  • Turmeric has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to reduce inflammation, improve cardiovascular health and support proper immune function. Fortified with black pepper extract(bioperine) to increase bioavailability and absorption.

  • Pomegranate aids in reducing inflammation and protects against cartilage degradation in your joints by limiting the effects of Interleukin-1b, a pro-inflammatory protein that plays a key role in cartilage degradation.

  • Glucosamine is a natural compound used to minimize cartilage degradation and is naturally found within the cartilage of our joints. MSM is another natural compound present in high concentrations in connective tissue, skin, and hair.

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How many times a day can I use this?
We recommend to start off with 2 capsules a day.
Does it contain black pepper?
Yes it does, our Joint fortifying formula contains 5mg of black pepper extract (bioperine).
What country is it manufactured in?
All of our products are made in the USA in a FDA-approved facility following strict GMP guidelines. Each batch is tested to ensure the highest quality and purity.

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