Joint Bundle

We've taken the guesswork out of joint care with our complete Joint Bundle. 

• Rebuild Connective Tissue with our Grassfed Collagen
• Reduce inflammation with our Joint Capsules

$ 57.95 

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Customer Reviews

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Keeps me on the mats

Best supplements I have ever used. They made an impediment difference in my recovery. Post, Pre, Lytes, and Collagen and Joint. All of these keep me on the mats and increase my overall wellness. To put it simply I feel better when taking these supplements. I would recommend these to any grappler or anybody that engages in intense exercise. I cant say enough good things about this company. As long they're around I will be using their products.


What flavor is the collagen?
The Grassfed Collagen is unflavored and easily mixed with any beverage or recipe.
What does Grass Fed Collagen do?
Grass Fed Collagen is a type of amino acid that helps rebuild your connective tissue, especially in your joints.
What does the Joint capsules do?
The Joint capsules help reduce joint degradation and reduce inflammation.

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