Lytes Hydration Blend

Lytes, short for electrolytes, is a plant-based alkaline electrolyte blend formulated to replenish nutrients lost through perspiration and fuel the most demanding workouts. Less than half the sugar of mainstream sports drinks and more plant based electrolytes than coconut water.

• Non-GMO, Plant Based, Alkaline, and Low Calorie
• More Electrolytes Than Coconut Water
• Less Than 1/2 The Sugar of Mainstream Sport Drinks

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  • Lytes Hydration Blend
  • Lytes Hydration Blend

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    Cell Communication


    Vit C & Selenium



  • Lytes contains 6 of the chief electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorus to keep your hydrated and performing at your peak.

  • The antioxidants Vitamin C & Selenium help battle free radicals created during hard training and help protect cell membranes from oxidative damage, while also reducing inflammation.

  • Your muscles preferred fuel is carbohydrates. Lytes contains Organic Sugar Cane tailored made to replenish glycogen stores in your muscles and liver so that you can keep going.

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    Less than half the sugar of mainstream sports drinks and less sugar than coconut water. Made with Plant-based non-GMO ingredients that leave you with a clean mouth feel and optimal hydration.


    Muscles require electrolytes for cell communication. A slight drop in fluids and electrolytes negatively impacts performance, especially during longer bouts of training. By keeping your electrolyte levels topped off, you're able to perform at your peak while your opponent fades.


    You sweat out more than just water. That's where our plant-based alkaline electrolyte blend comes into play: restoring lost electrolytes & minerals critical to cell function. Your average sports drink contains only a couple electrolytes. Lytes on the other hand contains 6 critical electrolytes designed to replenish nutrients and regulate fluid levels.


When should I use this?
The Lytes is designed to be consumed during your training or throughout the day when you'd like to restore electrolytes. Some athletes also choose to use one serving before training to ensure electrolyte levels are full.

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