Recovery Oil Tincture 1000mg

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NEW! Sourced from Oregon & Colorado grown-Organic Hemp, our natural flavored CBD Oil Isolate is your next step to better recovery, restful sleep, and reduced inflammation. Stripped of THC, our CBD Oil Isolate helps ease pain and discomfort, reduce inflammation from intense training, and support healthy-restful sleep. Quality lab tested to ensure we’re bringing our athletes the truest and cleanest CBD Oil you can get your hands on. Come and get it!

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Recovery Oil Tincture 1000mg
Recovery Oil Tincture 1000mg

Product Overview

We know it can be challenging to find a quality CBD product that you can trust with so many options out there. Lucky for you, we’ve sourced the cleanest CBD we could get our hands on, an isolate with 0% THC, backed by Quality Assurance, batch testing, and GMP certifications.

Our CBD is sourced from a facility that has its entire process, hemp-to-final product, thoroughly inspected and audited by a third party certification program, earning them their ISO 9001:2015 certification by SGS. In addition, each batch is tested for potency, impurities, and residual solvents.

Why Isolate?

Sourced from Oregon & Colorado Grown Organic Hemp, our CBD is extracted from hemp-derived full spectrum CBD oil, the oil is further refined to achieve the isolated crystalline state. By providing CBD in an isolate form, we’re able to determine the exact potency of a single cannabinoid.

Isolated cannabidiol is CBD in its purest form, where CBD is the only cannabinoid present. CBD isolate is different than full-spectrum extracts that contain a variety of other compounds and cannabinoids, which include THC. Quality lab tests prove that CBD isolate contains absolutely no THC, unlike its full spectrum counterparts.

Adding CBD to your daily routine or after intense training sessions can help ease pain and discomfort, reduce inflammation from intense training, and support healthy-restful sleep. For best results, use the dropper to place CBD directly under the tongue and hold there for 45-60 seconds. By taking the tincture sublingually, the CBD absorbs directly into your bloodstream.

 Lab Results

1000mg of CBD Isolate
Natural Flavor
THC Free
Derived from Organic Hemp
Made in the USA
Quality Lab Tested


Can CBD get me "HIGH"?
No, CBD does not contain psychoactive properties that are typically associated with marijuana and THC.
Will I fail a drug test?
Not with CBD isolate, but potentially with a full spectrum CBD oil. Since CBD Isolate contains only the isolated cannabidiol molecule, there’s no concern of testing positive for THC.
What's the difference between Full Spectrum and Isolate?
Isolate is CBD in its purest form and only contains cannabidiol. Full spectrum extracts contain CBD and other cannabinoids including THC.
Why place CBD drops under the tongue?
Taking the tincture sublingually, under the tongue, allows the CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream.
How do I take CBD?
Use the dropper to place CBD under the tongue. Hold the CBD under your tongue for 60 seconds for better absorption. Swallow after 60 seconds.

Customer Reviews

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It works great!
Nice! Glad to hear you're loving the CBD -- Thanks for the awesome feedback!
Stoked that you're stoked Christian!
Works great!
Nailed it.
Great Focus, Restful Sleep!
Thanks Jonathan for the great review!
Glad to hear you're loving our products Cortney!


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