BUILD: Cinnamon Cereal

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Gluten Free
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Soy Free
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Created for all you 90s kids out there, our cinnamon cereal flavor takes you back to Saturday Morning Cartoons and playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.

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BUILD: Cinnamon Cereal
BUILD: Cinnamon Cereal

Product Overview

Just in, our newest BUILD flavor -- CINNAMON CEREAL -- for all you 90’s kids out there!

Our Build protein is packed with high quality Non-GMO grass-fed protein that fuels muscle growth and shortens your recovery time with zero added sugar.

This nutritionally dense profile makes Build an ideal high protein, low carbohydrate, post workout shake. In addition, because of its low carbohydrate count, Build can also be used as a guilt-free high protein snack throughout the day. For athletes looking to gain mass, we designed our Build to mix easily with our POST.

Our grass fed whey protein is comprised of both isolate and concentrate versions sourced from dairy cows that have a 100% grass-fed non-GMO diet, with zero added rBGH or rBST hormones.

To ensure maximum nutritional pass through, we use a cold manufacturing process that produces a whey full of non-denatured proteins.

Net Weight 765g, 28 Servings
20g of protein per serving
Grass fed, non-GMO
Soy Free and Gluten Free
No rBGH or rBST
Cold processed
No artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors


What's the difference between this and your POST?
Our BUILD is our low carbohydrate, high protein shake. It's designed to be used after lifting or as a meal replacement. Our POST is our recovery shake designed for high intensity exercise and has a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein.
Can I use this as a meal replacement?
Absolutely, with only 6 net carbohydrates, our Non-GMO Whey is a great choice.
When should I take this?
Anytime you need a high protein snack: after weight training, as a meal replacement, or cooking.
Should I use this with POST or by itself?
If you're looking to gain muscle mass, use one scoop of BUILD with 3 scoops of POST after lifting. If you're looking to maintain or cut weight, you can use BUILD by itself.
What's in your natural flavors?
We use Cocoa and Cinnamon to flavor our BUILD.

Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
Damn good

The cinnamon cereal flavor is the best tasting protein I've had. It's so good I add it to smoothies and whatever else I can. Not to mention it has zero sugar added. Top quality product!

Damn good review Geoff!

Don’t Hesitate

I am super picky about protein powders- chalky bland vanilla or faux cocoa that tastes like dirt blegh!! Reviews on the Cinnamon cereal were 5 stars - It’s always sold out so when it popped up available I jumped at it. No regrets!! Best protein shake I’ve had, drinks easy and smooth. Will never drink another brand of protein . 🤙🏼 ath for life

Best protein shake EVER!? LFG!!!

Best tasting protein I’ve had in awhile

Delicious stuff, doesn’t hurt the stomach, I drink it twice daily, building those gains

It's all about them gains!

Quality Protein with Incredible Taste

Best protein I've had in a while. You can actually taste the quality unlike other protein powders that taste synthetic and fake. Cinnamon cereal is new favorite protein for life.

Boom. Well said.




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