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Soooo good!

By far the best recovery protein I've ever taken. I've been taking this supplement since 2016 when it was named 31 Muscle Recovery. I always take this after Jiu-Jitsu practice with some Almond Milk. Thank you, Ath! Oss.

Good stuff

Used after training and/or a surf session and this stuff actually works. Helps me not feel sore and ready to train the next day. Don’t hesitate buying this, you won’t regret it.

Great boost with a not so great taste.

So initially the taste is OK. The after taste is worst but boy was that drink worth it. The boost made me quiet that's how hard it hit me. I may have to get used to the taste first.


Just what the doctor ordered! It’s the perfect way to refuel after a grueling MMA or lifting session.

Joint is the complete package for preventing inflammation and supporting your joints

I've tried a variety of joint supplements and have found that taking turmeric, glucosamine and MSM have greatly reduced my joint inflammation. I train jiu-jitsu and lift weights so my joints are under stress every time I train. I decided to give Joint a try a couple months ago when I had fallen off on my previous supplements due to their cost and the inconvenience of taking multiple doses daily. Joint contains all the supplements I was taking separately in a single two capsule dose that I take once daily. Previously I was taking 6 capsules a day to get turmeric, glucosamine and MSM. I'm getting great results with Joint it will continue to be a part of my daily routine.


I’ve just started it, I can feel it helping me not feel achey, the taste is bland but in a way it’s a good thing. very worth it & planning on sticking with this product & more products to come. glad I e made this purchase :)!

Taste great and amazing quality

Good stuff

I’m still on my first bottle so just wanted my autoships canceled.
I will be trying your protein next though.

Jiu Jitsu Bastards by LUCKY

Seems to be as advertised. However do not think your joint issues/pain will not disappear using this product. It is a supplement. No more, no less. I like it, I am happy will it and will possibly continue to use it. I just don't want anyone to think one supplement will replace a poor diet and/or exercise habits.

I love this stuff

Great product, I use it 1-2 times a day. Especially after jiu jitsu


The flavor and texture is perfect! Switched it up to 2
Scoops and throw a scoop of vegan green protein in there, perfection.

Solid product

This is no miracle product nor does it advertise to be one although ath joint is a solid product, it came with nice packaging and seems to work as intended.

Good stuff

Great package!!!!

It’s the perfect supplement package. I tried the Build package first but my body definitely responds to this one a lot better. I love the flavors, everything mixes well, and it does make a difference in my training.

Better than I expected.

Super happy with this product and will continue to purchase.


I am obsessed with these products! Great ingredients and taste! Won't buy any other brand!

Great Package!

Before training MMA or Jiu Jitsu I will use Pre or the BCAA and they both give my body an extra push to train harder. The Protein is great as well. All smooth flavors and they mix well.

My body love it

I feel pureness of this product and taste yummy too! Must have after hard training session


I take this before going to CrossFit in the mornings and it works great for me, it wakes me up a tad and gives me the energy to do my workout. The taste is kindof nasty to me lol it literally taste like plants. Taste is very organic. This pre workout is great before runs as well.

This tee will give you powers

Flying armbars and cutbacks on a dime are guaranteed when you don this shirt after training or a sick surf sesh.


I do feel relief on my joint. It's definitely doing what it's supposed to do. It's helped tremendously when I lift. Thank you

Works great

Now that I've returned to running using a joint supplement like ATH Joint, I rarely experience stiff knee joints and popping knee sounds.


Joint: Pro Series Promo


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