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Love this product!

Love this product! To be honest, the taste took me a little to get used to. Not delicious, not bad. But I can feel such a huge difference when working out. Plain water just wasn’t doing it for me, but now I feel refreshed and more energized...like I can workout longer.

Fantastic BCAA

Finally, an awesome product with absolutely no junk in it...no artificial sweeteners, no gums, no dyes, etc., Perfect BCAA for the person concerned about all the unnecessary fillers almost every other product out there has. The green apple tastes very natural and is nicely refreshing. I use it for my intra-workout and love the fact they include Tart Cherry Juice Extract in the product, which is excellent for offsetting muscle fatigue and soreness. I've never seen another product with such a limited but perfect profile...it's just what you need and nothing else. It's also very reasonably priced for the number of servings and quality. Keep up the good work!


This product enables me to run at least 30-40% more each week. Devils Claw and turmeric keep my old knee injury nice and quiet. Plus the boost of energy I get about 20 min into my run with no crash is added bonus. Don’t ever stop making this product, my livelihood depends on it. 😍 🏃‍♀️Thank you!!

Best Protein I’ve Had

I’ve been using Build for almost a year now and it’s the best tasting and best for building solid, lean muscle. I drink it after jiu jitsu class or after working out and it’s awesome for my recovery. Highly recommend to everyone looking for a protein powder that’s good for a ketogenic diet. Even with zero grams of sugar it tastes amazing. I will keep coming back for more.

Green Apple

When you open this & give it a smell, it smells like the green apple jolly rancher. However the taste is like 1/20th as strong which was a little disappointing but I suppose having a light taste is better than it being overwhelmingly strong. It's easy to drink too so overall I will most likely buy BCAAs from this site again! Although, I suggest they use containers that actually fit the amount of powder that's in them. The container is way too big & the opening is small too

Hi Erin, we're adjusting the bottle size on our next run. Thanks!

This stuff works great without all the added junk other main stream products have in them. So happy I found this company. Looking forward to new flavors in the future.

Good Taste

Good taste. Doesn't quite dissolve. Been using it as directed for a couple weeks and not sure if I can tell a difference. Doesn't seem to have any negative effects though. Has good ingredients.

BCAAs are great, packaging not so much.

The supplement itself is awesome (a little bittter but still sweet enough) but the container is way too big for the amount of the power. I attached some pictures to show it's hard to get your hand in there to get the scoop and get power all over your hand. It's not that big of a deal but when you're paying more than average for a product you want all parts to be above average. I put this next to a different pre workout container to show the difference. Overall it's been good but not quite 5 stars (perfect in every way) yet.

Thanks for the feedback Moises, fixing that on our next batch.
Best I’ve ever had

Did it’s job perfectly! Had a great rush of energy to kick ass in the gym. No crash or jitters! Felt like a million bucks

Delicious and nutritious

I’ve been using this pre mix for a few weeks. I now have enough energy to make it through a full BJJ class on work nights without fatigue and it’s helped with the leg and foot cramps I was getting. I’ve never felt jacked up on it, just that I have more energy. Also it tastes pretty darn good. I’ll keep using it.

Great product

Mixes well, tastes great in a smoothie and about as good as can be expected from a plant protein when mixed by itself. Definitely noticed a difference in recovery time too!

Great pre workout

Tastes great considering the all natural ingredients! Better than some other all natural preworkouts I’ve tried before. Only complaint I have is that the turmeric in it tends to stain my dish towels/towels. Would highly recommend!


Clean profile. The coconut water flavor will never be my favorite taste, but the benefits, hydration and recovery far outweigh it. Will keep buying as part of my stack.

Found The One

Great taste. Recovery is better. Clean profile without any fillers and junk. Can get foamy in the shaker, but that's the only knock.

Benefits Won Me Over

Clean product with added benefits. Very minor burp taste, but not to the extent of regular fish oil. Will purchase again!

Perfect Pre-Workout

I’ve found it difficult to find a good pre-work out that actually works without making you feel like your heart is about to explode out of your chest. Vega used to have a decent one but changed their product and is terrible now. ATH honestly knocks it out of the park here - the taste is great, it doesn’t dehydrate you like a lot of pre-workouts tend to do, and you feel alert/ready to go 20-30 min after taking. I usually workout at 5am and love taking this right when I wake up. This isn’t NO Xplode and that’s a good thing. Very happy to see a company focus on what’s actually important and good for you rather than focused on “that tingling feeling” so you can tell yourself it’s working. Job very well done ATH.

Pleasantly surprised 👍

I am so glad that I found this product. This collagen does wonders for me. I have it with coffee and in my smoothies. I ordered thinking that would help me with my skin, hair, joint health and nails. But, what a pleasant surprise! When I notice that it actually helps me with my appetite so I don't feel hungry as much and lost a few pounds already along with healthy eating. I am not an athlete, people; I just like to eat right and exersice moderate; reason why I absolutely love this collagen. I can't taste no flavor, other than my coffee, fruits or veggies, it blends perfectly for me. The price is right, the container is not so big so it fit in my kitchen cabinet and the label is easy to read and simple. Ath Organic has won me as a customer as long as they keep this up! Absolutely recommend it and about to try another product call Post: Cocoa which is the protein powder shake. Hope it is as great as the collagen.
Best wishes everyone. I am very happy 💗 Thank you Ath Organics!

First time

This is my first time using the cocoa build as I used to take the Hemp Gold. I had a good mix I did with the hemp that I enjoyed a lot. The flavor of the build is not quite what I was expecting but on par with other protein powders that are a similar flavor. I'm sure with a little experimenting I'll find the right mix.

Great tasting!

I have been using post for a few years now and can always tell a difference when I don't. It tastes great and doesn't need to be mixed with anything but water after a workout. That makes it extremely convenient.

Already notice a difference!

I’ve only been taking this for @ 3 wks & my shoulder joint is already feeling better. Mixes in with no taste

Level headed boost

This gives you a calm but powerful boost. No jitters or crash afterwards, it is exactly what I needed before my workouts

The change I needed

I've taken name brand preworkout for the last 6 years and felt I needed to make the switch to a healthier alternative. I was a little skeptical of how a natural preworkout would compare to a more intense one and it blows it out of the water. There is no come down and the pump and concentration I get from it is one not like the rest!

Awesome Product

I love that it's free of artificial sweeteners and it's very effective. I have a fibromyalgia, and it seems to take me longer than usual to recover from workouts. Since I started using this product, I haven't been as sore for as long after workouts.

Beneficial and easy to take

I'm just about finished with my first month of taking Athletic Shrooms. I've tried a couple other products with a claim to being a nootropic but had not found one that I could tolerate. The others I've tried had different components that didn't always sit well with me so I was curious to try out Athletic Shrooms. I take the two capsules in the morning with food as recommended and so far no issues. The capsules are flavorless and no have no after taste. I do feel more alert and focused throughout the day so I'll continue to take daily. I trust the quality of ATH Organics' products and found this one to be up to the high standards of their other supplements. I also take their Collagen and Joint daily to support my training routine and maintain general health.

GreAt stuff!

I def. feel a sudden burst of mental energy after I take 2 in the morning with my breakfast!