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Plant Protein: Cocoa

This stuff is so great! It tastes amazing and is a really helpful for recovery after training.


It’s great and works well. Great job!

BCAA: Green Apple


I order post x2 and GUT. Cracker it open immediately when I got it. Flavor is perfect Very filling.

Flavorful & Worthful

I have not used ANY protein products in many years. I was interested in finding a plant-based protein powder, but was apprehensive due my previous experiences with foul taste. Let me say this product is delicious! I can drink it with water, but prefer almond milk.

I'm a thin guy trying to gain some weight and thought this product would contribute. I'm also a kayak angler and it's necessary to replenish after 8+ hours of fishing and paddling on local rivers and lakes.

I can't speak of results just yet as to I've only used this product for 2 weeks now. I'll be sure to leave another review once I feel and see results (hopefully). Don't hesitate to buy this product. It's worth it in my opinion. Best to you!

Would have been 5 stars

If there was a little more protein I would of given it 5 stars 50 grams of carbs for 20 grams of protein is a little to much carbs

Hey Isaiah, we designed it like that because our POST is intended to help you recover from intense exercise and restore lost glycogen. We used the widely studied 3:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. For athletes who want more protein, we designed the BUILD to be able to be mixed in with the POST. This would be ideal if you're doing pure strength training and are looking to build muscle mass.
Not too tasty

I couldn’t get it down

Joint Bundle

Krill and Joint Rock!

They're helping stay on the mats and softball field.


My new go to Gi's for training! Fit & finish is excellent! Hope to see future releases!

Quality product easy to mix and has a nice taste to it as well which is hard to come by when looking for Vegan protein.

highly recommend

Great taste, effective ingredients, mixes very well. I use this during and after jiu-jitsu, helps a lot with cramps during practice and is a great post work-out drink.


Shaker Bottle

Great Product

I use this every morning before training AWESOME PRODUCT!! Plus it’s all natural.

Best ever!!

The best protein I have ever had.

I gotta thank Dustin Barca for telling me about this! If now I can just get the build ill be all set! Thanks guys!

Steady Energy!

Honestly, I’ll admit that I was expecting a bit more of a “jolt” of energy after I drank it and that wasn’t necessarily the case however, I did notice a slight increase in energy levels after taking it. What I did notice was that the energy was steady and lasted longer than other high caffeinated products I’ve tried in the past. I also like and appreciate the fact that it doesn’t cause any jitters or rapid heartbeats after taking it or while working out. I train BJJ 4 times a week and I take this in the mornings about an hour before I hit the mats and it’s great. Great ingredients, great amount of natural energy helps for a great workout! I may even try the Post Workout product as well. :)

Awesome Product

I feel better by the meeting taking this Krill oil. Thanks for an exceptionally high quality and effective product!

Joint: Pro Series

The focus I need

I've been looking for a pre workout on my sluggish day before training and o boy this does the trick. Not only does this keep me focus during training it also provides the proper nutrition I need after training. THANK ATH!!!

Great Omega-3

Love this Krill Oil. Doesn’t taste bad and easier pills to swallow than typical Omega 3 pills.

Great product!

Joint: Pro Series Promo

Good joint meds with all necessary ingredients for recovery from bjj.

Good Taste for Plant Based BCAA

I read everywhere that plant based BCAAs are more bitter than traditional BCAAs and this held true for ATH’s BCAAs. That bring said, it was by no means awful and the flavors they use help with most if it. Great product, and I will most likely buy again!